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Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions will govern all sales, offers, contracts and deliveries by the Seller. Conflicting and additional terms and conditions of any such documents shall be deemed deleted and not binding upon the parties, except insofar as expressly agreed in writing by Seller. The terms and conditions of this agreement may only be modified or supplemented in writing, and signed by both parties

Order Confirmation – Orders of Buyer shall not bind Seller until confirmed by Seller in writing or by any electronic means of its choice.

Price – The price indicated on the order confirmation shall be considered to be the price agreed between the Buyer and Seller

Payment – Payment to be made to Seller addressed as indicated on invoice, in lawful money of the United States. Buyer shall pay per the terms stated on the order confirmation or contract confirmation. Seller reserves the right to suspend further deliveries, or require any satisfactory securities, in the event Buyer fails to pay in full for any one shipment when the same becomes due. In case of late payment, Seller will charge Buyer interest which shall be 1.5% per month on all overdue amounts. Seller reserves the right to change payment terms

Contracts – Seller shall be obligated to sell and deliver no more than 100% of the contracted amount, and Buyer shall be obligated to take delivery of no less than 100% of the contracted amount. Seller requires at least 30 days prior notice of quantities to be delivered during each calendar month. In the event Buyer purchases less than the contracted quantity of Product, Seller may, without limiting any other legal remedies that may be available to Seller, reduce the quantity of Product Seller is obligated to supply during the term of the Contract

Delivery Date – Seller shall endeavor to deliver the goods at the time stated on the order confirmation. Failing such indication, the goods shall be delivered at the time Seller deems appropriate. If Buyer is in default with respect to any of the terms or conditions of this or any agreement with Seller, Seller may at its option defer further shipments hereunder until such defaults be remedied or without prejudice to any other legal remedy may decline further performance hereof

Warranties – Seller warrants that the goods shall conform to Seller’s standard specifications in effect on the date of shipment, or to the specifications agreed with Buyer, if any. Buyer shall conduct its own tests to determine the suitability of Products for their specific purposes.

All goods are warranted compliant with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. §301 et. Seq.) and Florida law. Customers should conduct their own analysis and testing respecting the laws, if any, of other jurisdictions and no representation or warranty is made by Global Resources Direct, LLC regarding the same. All other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the goods, used alone or in combination with other materials, including but not limited to any implied warranty for fitness or merchantability for any purpose, are disclaimed. Seller’s limited warranty made in the preceding paragraph shall only last for a period equal to the earlier of (i) ten (10) working days from buyer’s discovery of the defects, and (ii) ninety (90) days from buyer’s receipt of the goods.

Claims – Buyer shall examine the conformity of the goods with the specifications and/or samples within ten working days upon receipt. All claims by Buyer, including, without limitation, claims for alleged defects, damage and shortage, must be made in writing and received by Seller within 10 working days after Buyer’s receipt of the goods, understanding that in any event, all claims made after the goods have been resold by Buyer, or have undergone any processing or treatment in any form whatsoever shall be null and void. Failure of Buyer to give notice of any claim within the applicable time period specified above shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver for such claim and shall be deemed to be acceptance by Buyer of the goods delivered by Seller. In case of duly proven defective goods, Seller shall, at its choice, either replace or recondition at its own cost such defective goods, or refund Buyer the price paid. In no event shall any claim be valid if made beyond the stated expiration date of the product

Liability – Seller’s total liability and buyer’s exclusive remedy for any cause of action associated with the contract or sale, whether based in tort, contract, strict liability, or any other legal theory is expressly limited to replacement of nonconforming product or payment in an amount not to exceed the purchase price of the specific product for which damages are claimed. Customer will pay the full Purchase Price without setoff for delivered products no later than thirty (30) days following delivery.
Delinquent payments will accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% per month until paid. Furthermore under no circumstances shall Seller be liable for special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, revenues, etc.) incurred by Buyer or any third party. Where mandatory provisions of the law so provide, Seller’s liability for duly proven damages due to Seller’s gross negligence or willful misconduct shall not be limited

Information – Seller may provide Buyer with information regarding the use of Seller’s materials in Buyer’s product. With regard to such occurrences, Buyer acknowledges that Seller is in no way responsible for the use of Seller’s product by Buyer. Buyer acknowledges that Seller cannot anticipate all conditions under which Seller’s products may be used, and therefore Buyer agrees to conduct its own tests to determine the safety and suitability of Seller’s products for Buyer’s purposes. Any information provided by Seller is without warranties, either express or implied, and Buyer agrees to indemnify and save Seller harmless of and from any and all loss, cost (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) and claims arising out of, or in connection with, Buyer’s product

Excuse of Performance – No liability shall result from delay in performance or non-performance by Seller caused by -circumstances beyond its control, including, without limitation, acts of God, pandemic, fire, storms, flood, explosions, riots, wars, terrorism, civil unrest, accidents, perils of the sea, embargos, labor troubles, machinery breakages, Government actions or prohibitions, shortages of or inability to obtain raw materials or energy at reasonable cost, traffic stoppages and/or restriction, seizure or requisition of products specified in this contract by the Government of the United States. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained in this paragraph shall, in any way, excuse or delay Buyer’s payment obligations to Seller.

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We were amazed by the service of Global Resource Direct. We run a macaron delivery business, and after a lot of research, I came across Tom and his team. Super responsive and very nice. The prices are frankly affordable and the almond flour is of very great quality. My next order is coming soon!

- Jean C

Speedy responses!! Our manufacturing facility purchases our flours, oils, and IQF items from GRD.  Excellent service, full shipping dept, credit terms, make it easy to work with them. 

- John D.

It's been great working with GRD - They have been so patient, and accommodating to my needs as a small business. They have provided me with my requests of finding organic, high-quality products at prices that work for my business. Grateful to be working with them!

- Pamela W.

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We specialize in securing quality ingredients, at very competitive prices, resulting from our international network of certified farmers. We challenge you, to challenge us to find your ingredients.