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Global Resources Direct supplies bulk oats to businesses, distributors, and industrial producers in the United States of America. We are proud to offer all specs of high quality oats at affordable prices.

We offer the finest-tasting, most consistently performing oat ingredients on the market today. Types of oats we supply include but not limited to:

• Rolled Oats
• Steel Cut Oats
• Gluten Free Oats
• Organic Oats

Partnering with Global Resources Direct
As a wholesale oats supplier, Global Resources Direct is committed to delivering top-quality ingredients with excellent service. Whether you need rolled oats wholesale or steel cut oats bulk, our team can source them for you. All oats products we deliver are grown and milled right here in the United States of America. We package and ship by the case or truck load.

All our oats – from organic oats bulk products to steel cut oats wholesale – do not contain any preservatives, emulsifiers, carriers, or antioxidants. We recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to light, heat, and air.

A Rolled Oats Supplier That Cares
At Global Resources Direct, we want to bring people great ingredients. This includes gluten free oats wholesale organic oats, steel cut oats and rolled bulk oats.

By combining top-notch ingredients with first-rate customer service, our team meets your needs on time and within budget.

Contact us for additional information about our wholesale oats supply capabilities. We are happy to discuss your needs further.

Take the Hassle Out of Ingredients Acquisition
Global Resources Direct takes great pride in offering the highest level of customer service, along with objective solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. As a leading steel cut oats supplier, we manage the following to streamline your supply chain.

• Packaging Options
• Shipment Sizes (cases by the truckload)
• Purchasing Agreements
• Flexible Warehousing Agreements
• Credit Terms

The Importance of Oats
An ancient cereal grain, oats come in many forms. Regardless of the finished product, all of them start as seeds of the oat plant. They are then milled and processed to develop specific textures and flavors. Generally, the more processed the oat, the faster it will cook.

Our specialists work with manufacturers and packagers to ensure buyers get the oats products they need. Whether it is gluten free oat bulk orders or organic oat wholesale shipments, many industries can benefit from partnering with Global Resources Direct:

• Baked Goods
• Food Manufacturing
• Food Service
• Co-Packagers
• Bakery Supplies
• Confectionery Supplies
• Distilleries
• Breweries
• Creameries
• Food Research and Development

Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. As a result, they are used in a wide array of products. Some examples include:

• Energy Bars
• Cookies
• Oatmeal
• Oat Milk
• Whole Grain Flour Alternative
• Stew Thickeners
• Smoothies
• Granola Base
• Pie Crusts

Oats are nutrient-dense, affordable, and easy to cook. Other benefits are as follows:

• Good Carbohydrate and Fiber Sources
• Rich in Antioxidants
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Improves Blood Sugar Control
• Very Filling
• May Help with Weight Loss
• Improve Skin Conditions
• Decrease Childhood Asthma Risks
• Relieve Constipation

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