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Wholesale Nutritional Yeast Supplier

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Global Resources Direct is a supplier of bulk nutritional yeast. Our team has years of experience
supplying businesses, distributors, and industrial producers with quality wholesale ingredients
at competitive prices.

We partner with farmers and processors from Europe and the United States of America, two
leading regions for nutritional yeast. It is ground into flakes, granules, or powders used to
produce baked goods and other products.

Partnering With Global Resources Direct
As a leading nutritional yeast supplier, Global Resources Direct is committed to delivering top-
quality ingredients with excellent service. All products are obtained from audited and inspected
producers who grow in the United States of America and in Europe.

Our specialists work with manufacturers and packagers to ensure buyers have access to the
nutritional yeast they need. Our wholesale nutritional yeast does not contain any preservatives,
emulsifiers, carriers, or antioxidants and is available in flake, granule, and powder forms. It has
a shelf life of two years when stored in a tightly sealed original container and avoids prolonged
exposure to light, heat, and air.

At Global Resources, we make it easy and hassle-free to obtain authentic nutritional yeast bulk
deliveries. Our experts coordinate with your team on logistics and credit terms, effectively
managing the following:

• Packaging
• Shipment Sizes (cases by the truckload)
• Purchasing Agreements
• Flexible Warehousing Agreements
• Credit Terms

Let’s Work Together
At Global Resources Direct, we demand the utmost quality from nutritional yeast suppliers. We
pride ourselves in meeting customer needs on time at market-best prices. Give us a call or fill
out our form to learn more about our nutritional yeast wholesale. We are happy to discuss
your needs in greater detail.

Nutritional Yeast Advantages
Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing yeast in a nutrient medium for several days. The
primary ingredient in the medium is glucose, often from either sugar cane or beet molasses.
When the yeast is ready, it is deactivated with heat and harvested, washed, dried, and

Industries that can benefit from integrating nutritional yeast into their processes include:

• Baked Goods
• Food Manufacturing
• Food Service
• Co-Packagers
• Bakery Supplies
• Confectionery Supplies
• Distilleries
• Breweries
• Creameries
• Food Research And Development

It is a highly nutritious product with a cheesy, nutty, or savory flavor. Benefits are as follows:
• Includes All Nine Amino Acids
• Has High Protein Amounts
• Contains B Vitamins
• Has Trace Minerals

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