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When it comes to food products, few things are more in demand than avocados. Global
Resources Direct helps businesses, distributors, and industrial producers fulfill demand with
individually quick frozen avocadoes.

IQF Avocado Supply Chain Solutions
Global Resources Direct is a trusted supplier of IQF avocados for retail, commercial, and
industrial applications. Our knowledgeable ingredient experts have all the answers for your IQF
avocados wholesale needs.

We coordinate with your team on logistics and credit terms. As a result, the following are
effectively managed on your behalf:
• Packaging Options
• Shipment Sizes (cases by the truckload)
• Purchasing Agreements
• Flexible Warehousing Agreements
• Credit Terms
All IQF avocados are from quality farms in Latin America. They are stored frozen in vacuum
sealed packaging.

Your IQF Avocado Source
As a leading IQF avocados supplier, Global Resources Direct supports businesses looking for
top-quality ingredients. Our team is dedicated to meeting client needs on time and within

Give us a call or fill out our form to learn more about our bulk IQF avocado. We are happy to
discuss your needs further.

Why Frozen Avocados?
Individually quick frozen avocados, or IQF avocados, are rapidly frozen to prevent ice crystal
formation. The quick-freeze process locks in the fruit’s valuable nutritional profile, making this
the ideal way to add avocado goodness to many products.

Industries that can benefit from IQF avocados bulk deliveries include:
• Baked Goods
• Food Manufacturing
• Food Service
• Co-Packagers
• Bakery Supplies
• Confectionery Supplies
• Creameries
-Food Research And Development

Specific IQF avocado use cases include:
• Pies
• Ice Creams
• Smoothies
• Salad Dressings
• Vegan Frosting
• Hair Masks
• Foot Scrubs
• Facial Masks
• Mayonnaise Substitutes
• Alcoholic Drinks
• Soaps
• Moisturizer
• Hand Salve
• Cookies
• Hummus
• Fabric Dyes
• Tea
• Baby Food
• Shampoo

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