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Chocolate Chips

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Since chocolate is one of the most sought after flavors and highly craved indulgences, it stands to reason that chocolate chips are popular to. Chocolate chips are part of many different recipes and their popularity has actually won them so much recognition that May 15th and August 4th are both National Chocolate Chip Day!

About Chocolate Chips

But where did the chocolate chip come from? It came purely by accident and was invented in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield, who owned the Toll House Inn. She was preparing food for her guests at the inn and was in the process of making one of her favorite cookie recipes, which was a Butter Drop Do cookie. Realizing that she was out of cocoa powder, in her haste she decided to substitute it with baker’s chocolate bar rather than tossing the dough. She quickly broke the baker’s chocolate bar into small pieces and added them to the dough mixture. When she baked the cookies, she figured the chocolate would melt, however, when she took them from the oven, the chocolate tidbits remained shaped rather than melting and meshing with the dough. Viola, the chocolate chip cookie.

Her cookies became so popular that in 1939 she came to an agreement with Nestle in which they placed her recipe on the chocolate bar wrapper in exchange for supplying her with a lifetime of chocolate. The chip or ‘morsel’ was not produced commercially until 1941.

Chocolate chips are so popular that they are available in chunks, chips and morsels, making them fitting for a variety of recipes from cakes and cookies to ice cream toppings and trail mixes. Along with chocolate chips being available in various sizes, they also come in varying levels of sweetness, from bittersweet, dark, semisweet and milk chocolate. The chocolate chip is a taste that satisfies practically everyone.

Health Benefits of Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips, especially the dark variety contains high levels of antioxidants, which have been shown to boost levels of the healthy cholesterol known as lipoprotein. Chocolate also has the ability to boost ones mood, which is perhaps why many of us reach for chocolate when we are sad or upset.

In a 2010 study conducted by the American Heart Association, it revealed that individuals who were at risk for heart failure, displayed improvement after eating chocolate.


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