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Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

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Chickpeas (garbanzo)  are abundant in nutrition and can help with weight management, increased energy and the prevention of several ailments. Chickpeas (garbanzo), specifically green peas contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that support vision health, as well as being a good source of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant proponents.

Health Benefits

Chickpeas (garbanzo)  are not only tasty but they offer a lot of nutritional benefits that fight various issues that the human body is typically prone to due to environmental toxins and lack of proper nutrition. Chickpeas (garbanzo)  are easy to incorporate into a daily diet and are considered a delicious treat on their own as well.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss: Chickpeas (garbanzo)  are not only a low fat, low-calorie food, but they are very popular with vegans and vegetarians. Due to the fiber content and other essential minerals and vitamins, chickpeas (garbanzo)  help promote weight loss.
  2. Protects Against Stomach Cancer: Due to the polyphenol content present in chickpeas (garbanzo), they pack a punch against stomach cancer as well as other cancers.
  3. Contains Healthy Antioxidants: Chickpeas (garbanzo)  provide a good source of manganese, copper, iron calcium, and zinc; minerals that act as natural antioxidants and protect the immune system.
  4.  Guards the Skin Against Aging: Not only do the antioxidants improve prevention of diseases due to free radicals and environmental toxins, but they also guard against aging and premature wrinkles. Chickpeas (garbanzo)  contain beneficial antioxidants such as catechin, alpha-carotene, epicatechin and carotenoid, which all help the skin in anti-aging properties and also enhance the skin’s complexion.
  5. Protects Against Arthritis and Alzheimer’s: Chickpeas (garbanzo)  are a good source of vitamin K which helps the body absorb nutritional calcium while also helps protect against arthritis and Alzheimer’s.
  6. Supports Healthy Digestion: Chickpeas (garbanzo) have a high fiber content which makes them great for supporting healthy digestion. Fiber is crucial in good digestive health as well as colon and intestinal health. When the body has ample fiber it is able to excrete toxins from the body and the digestive system is able to break up foods and absorb beneficial nutrients while ridding the body of matter that no longer serves a nutritional purpose.

About Chickpeas

Chickpea (garbanzo) is a key ingredient in hummus, chana masala, and can be ground into flour and made into falafel. It is also used in salads, soups, and stews. The chickpea is important in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine and in 2016, India produced 64% of the world’s total chickpeas

Overall chickpeas (garbanzo) provide a good source of minerals and vitamins essential to health.

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