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The banana is grown from the banana plant, scientifically referred to as the genus Musa. The fruit is sweet and is a popular choice for a filling snack because of the fiber and potassium it contains and it is also routinely added to smoothies, desserts and other dishes. In its dried form, it is a popular ingredient in trail mixes.

The banana is native to Australia and Indomalaya and was first cultivated for food around 8000 BCE. It contains more than ten health benefits and is highly recommended for a healthy heart and blood pressure.

Health Benefits

Bananas contain antioxidants, high levels of potassium, fiber and magnesium, making it a great post-workout snack. Below are details of the health benefits derived from the banana.

  1. Promotes Healthy Digestion: As a good source of fiber, the banana promotes healthy digestion which can help protect against heart issues and the development of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Helps Elevate the Mood: Because of the tryptophan content, the finger fruit can help alleviate depression and help the body relax. The tryptophan also enhances the body’s production of serotonin, which is directly related to one’s mood.
  3. Protects the Heart: Due to the potassium found in bananas, it is highly recommended for heart health and a healthy blood pressure.

The antioxidants found in bananas help protect the body against cell damage caused by free radicals. Additionally, the fiber content in the fruit helps the body rid itself of toxins. From internal health to skin applications, the banana provides multiple benefits.

About the Banana

Bananas have been around for thousands of years and its popularity continues to grow. They are the number one choice in fruit with more than 100 billion of them consumed annually throughout the world.

The Africans gave the banana its name and are derived from the Arab language word-meaning finger. Its popularity has been in existence since the fourteenth century, with the invention of refrigeration and railroads, the banana was the fruit most frequently traded.

There are more than one thousand varieties of bananas grown and while most are sweet, there are others such as the plantain that is more starchy and used in savory dishes.

Banana Facts

  • Banana skins help soothe burns on the skin and will bring a shine to leather shoes
  • The banana plant trunk consists of banana leaves that are tightly overlapping
  • Bananas are not grown from a tree, but from an herbaceous plant
  • The United Kingdom and the United States are the largest consumers of bananas

The banana is full of nutritional value and satisfies a craving for sweets. It used to be commercially produced in California and Florida, but Hawaii is now the only place in the United States that it is grown for commercial distribution.

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