Valhalla Story

The Valhalla Story

Valhalla is a small indigenous town in central Guatemala, near Antigua. Like most towns in Guatemala, it's a farming town, and it's inhabitants endure a taxing lifestyle and low standard of living. Most still cook over fires and struggle to get enough nutrition in their diets to be healthy.

Before the Valhalla Project began, inhabitants used to farm coffee. Although this gave them a source of income, coffee is a very volatile industry, and so was the income. One year, farmers could get by, and the next, their families could starve. Coffee production can also be quite destructive to surrounding forests if farmed in open sunlight. The Valhalla Project began to bolster the town's local economy. With donations of top-quality macadamia trees, people in Valhalla now have a stable source of income, access to firewood, and have more nutritious diets for their families and children. In terms of sustainability, macadamia nut farming does not deplete the soil of nutrients, so no fertilizers are required to grow them. The macadamia may also be the most effective tree at fixing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, acting as carbon sinks that reduce carbon footprint by 30lbs per year.

Valhalla now enjoys a stronger economy and all the useful benefits of macadamia trees, including the secondary goods, like the macadamia oil. The macadamia nut oil has numerous health benefits. The Macadamia Oil from Valhalla is made of 100% pure macadamia oil  No preservatives or chemicals of any kind are used in production. Macadamia Nut Oil prevents age spots, and expression lines from forming on your skin. Apply the oil to the tummy and breasts to prevent stretch marks occurring during pregnancy.  Apply after sunbathing to hold your tan, or give your skin relief from sunburn.  It is a natural healing accelerant of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Reduces unsightly scar tissue on the skin safely.  It Reduces razor burn after shaving.  It revitalizes and naturally moisturizes your hair. In all applications the natural Macadamia Oil never leaves a greasy residue.

The sale of these skin care products directly impact the local indigenous populations of Guatemala.  From these sales; our parters at The Valhalla Project have donated over 200,000 Macadamia trees to local poor farmers.  These trees provide prosperous, sustainable employment and job security, which is often difficult to find.

Finally, how can you also make a difference?  Simply by selling the Macadamia Spray Oil and telling the Valhalla story.  The more we sell, the more indigenous families will enjoy respectable, consistent, safe employment and food security!


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